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Are you Struggling to Fill Your Chair?

We'll Help You Get 30 Clients in the Next 30 Days, Even If You're Just Getting Started or Not Well Known in Your Area!

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Are You Struggling to Fill Your Chair?

We'll Help You Get 30 Clients in 30 Days, Even If You're Just Getting Started 


I Spent the Last 10 Years Mastering How to Get Clients on Demand So You Don't Have To!


If YOUR CHAIR Often Looks Like This One (EMPTY), It's Not Your Fault!

Beauty school didn't teach you how to attract new clients and grow a hair business. So you're probably still trying to get clients with old methods:


Business Cards and Personal Networking

Posting on Instagram Everyday

Coupons and Discounted Services

Mailers and Billboards


...And If you don't do anything about only gets worse!

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When You Signed Up To Be a Hairstylist, You May Have Thought it Would Be 'Easy Money'...

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You See Other Stylists Show up, Cut/Color Hair, and Get Paid!


Who knew it would be this hard getting appointments and building your business? Don't get's pretty normal. In fact, 8 of 10 hairstylists quit within 2 years because they can't pay the bills. Don't let this happen to you!
What if we could change all that, and make you one of the 20% that succeed in this industry?


Imagine, not having to worry where your next client will come from.


Imagine being booked solid so you can increase your prices.


Imagine being able to actually set your schedule so you can spend quality time with family and friends.
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In 2011, We Started a Hair Salon From Scratch, and In 2 Years We Made It a Multiple 6-figure Business! How Did We Do It?

Through a simple automated system I created to ensure we would always have 'new clients on-demand'. And now, I am sharing that system with other ambitious hairstylists like you!

✔ Breakthrough in your city to become the most trusted hairstylist or salon.

✔ Create the kind of demand for your hair services you need to raise your prices and book your schedule months in advance.

✔ Earn Enough Money as a Hairstylist So You Have More Time for Family and Friends.


We've Helped Over 127+ Hairstylists Build The Career Of Their Dreams

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Deke F.

"I'm grateful to Dustin for Salon Growth Academy...I'm already seeing results! I'm getting more clients in the chair, and we're making more money...I feel like anybody who has the opportunity to get involved with Dustin and SGA, would be foolish not to."

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Angel M.

"Dustin has helped me grow my salon from scratch. We average 30 new clients per month, and $20,000 per month in services. I highly recommend Salon Growth Academy!"

Salon Marketing University Members

We Were Sick of Seeing So Many Hairstylists Fail...

We saw the struggle first hand, and that's why we decided to go all-in and figure out the back-end marketing side of the hair business. I had to figure out how to pull interested people from the internet, and get them in our chair. Because it's one thing to post things on Instagram and get people to like them...But you can’t pay your bills with 'likes'.
I spent the last 10 years mastering how to get clients on demand so you don’t have to. I’ve already done the work. I’ve made the mistakes. I’ve spent the money. I’ve figured out. And to make it easy to consume and get the results we have gotten, I’ve put it all inside an online course for you, and it’s called Salon Growth Academy.

Salon Growth Academy Includes Everything You Need to Start Rocking Your Hair Business

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✓  Salon Growth Breakthrough ($997 Value)

When someone is looking for a new hairstylist, it is a big decision. They want a hairstylist that they can trust. In this course, I'll teach you how to put your potential clients' fears to rest and give them the confidence to book an appointment with you on the spot without even speaking to you in person.

✓  Salon Growth Advanced ($997 Value)

Whether it is 50 or 500 other stylists, that is a lot of competition. And if you dont stand out from the crowd and get noticed first, there is no chance of getting new clients. I will show you 3 unique methods that 95% of other hairstylists aren’t doing, so that your hair business will be first in line when someone is looking for a new hairstylist. 

✓  FREE BONUS: Private Facebook Group + Access to Dustin & Rachel ($1000 Value)

Total Value: $2994

Just 1 Payment of $197 TODAY!

(Price will be back to $400 soon)


Questions I Know You're Gonna Ask...


Need More One-on-One Attention?


I get it...maybe online courses aren't your thing, and you need a strategy specific to your business.

The button below will take you to my calendar where you can schedule a call with me. I would love to hear about your business, identify your problem areas and see if I can help you achieve those goals.

Here's my promise: When you sign up for one-on-one coaching, I will move heaven and earth to make sure you are getting clients in your chair.