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What Will You Learn in SGA?

  1. Learn to build a salon website from scratch so you can convert new visitors to clients.
  2. Learn how to rank your website in Google search so you can build your clientele quicker.
  3. Learn to create an engaging brand video so you can build trust with potential clients.
  4. Learn to drive traffic to your website using Facebook & Google ads.
  5. Learn the fundamental elements of a successful marketing funnel so you can automate new clients.
  6. Learn 4-step automated system to get your first time client to book a second appointment so you can build quickly.



Get complete access to the training that will skyrocket your growth, and set you on a path of success. This course pays for itself with only 1 new client...and it is designed to help you attract over 250 new clients in the first 6 months!


"The training videos offered a wealth of information on how to get featured on the first page on Google, choosing the right keywords for SEO optimization. I couldn't stop watching as the information was quite easy to understand and peaked my interest. I am excited to employ all these strategies to get people to actually find my salon online."

Nadia V.
Celebrity Hairstylist & Salon Owner, NYC

"I'm grateful to Dustin for Salon Growth Academy...I'm already seeing results! I'm getting more clients in the chair, and we're making more money, and we're doing a bigger business. I feel like anybody who has the opportunity to get involved with Dustin and Salon Marketing University, would be foolish not to."

Deke F.
Salon Owner, Naples FL

"If you're anything like me, marketing is one of the hardest aspects of your job. I would highly recommend Dustin NcCorchuk's, Salon Grwoth Academy training if you're wondering where to start, and how to go about marketing yourself using the internet."

Autumn C.
Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist, Seattle WA

Change the way you think about salon marketing.

Passing out business cards and posting on Instagram isn't going to cut it. If you want to build a clientele quickly, you need to create a message that intersects the market on their mobile phones. They didn't teach this in beauty school, so now is the time to learn.

How do I know if Salon Growth Academy is right for me?

Simple. Do you want to spend 3-5 years building your clientele? Of course not!

Whether you’ve been a salon or spa professional for a long time or are fresh out of beauty school, I guarantee SGA online courses will teach you creative and cutting edge digital marketing strategies, so that you can build your clientele quicker. 

Why Salon Growth Academy?

Whether you are a salon owner or independent stylist, Salon Growth Academy will teach you a marketing plan that will skyrocket growth.

SGA has quickly become the most trusted source for salon marketing education, by teaching salon professionals how to attract new clients…and keep them! SGA creator, Dustin NcCorchuk trains hundreds of salon professionals every year, and created this online program as a resource that could be used by all salon professionals in any location.

Without our proven marketing plan, you are left trying to build your business using outdated methods. That path has an 80% failure rate with a lot of frustration. Don’t be one of the statistics. Enroll in Salon Growth Academy today!


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